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Add Ice Products And Services To Your Store's Business Plans

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If considerations about adding ice to your store's inventory are being made, begin researching ice services and price variables. In addition, determine how much consumer interest you may encounter once the ice is available for purchase.

An Ice Distributor

Research suppliers who sell bagged products that are locally sourced. An ice manufacturer who will be selling ice that could potentially be served with food or beverages will need to follow FDA guidelines that relate to the safety and handling of consumables. Water that is used to produce ice will undergo a distillation or purification process at the onset of manufacturing ice cubes and chips.

Products that a supplier features will be uniform in size, taste, and texture. An ice distributor offers wholesale products that are bagged individually. An ice distributor may lease freezers that will allow for the convenient storage and distribution of ice. 

The Services You Will Offer

If your store is located along a highway entrance ramp or in a tourist area, there may be many customers who will appreciate the convenience of purchasing ice from your business. People who are traveling tend to tote ice coolers along with them to keep food and beverages cool while they are en route to their destination. Even those who will be staying in a hotel near your business may have a valid need to purchase bagged ice products while they are away from home.

Consider how much business you already do. Past situations may have prompted you to add ice to your inventory. For instance, if customers have requested ice on multiple occasions, there is a likelihood that this type of scenario will occur again. A distributor can help you prepare your first ice order. They can provide insight concerning the most popular size of ice bags that they feature. Ice products that consumers will be transporting with them should be easy to carry and store.

Investing in medium bags of ice may be a good way to begin adding ice to your inventory. If you would like to lease an ice freezer that can be used for storage purposes, the freezer can be stored indoors or outdoors. You will need to keep the freezer plugged into an electrical outlet. The servicing of the ice freezer and the replenishing of the ice products may be included in the service plan that you sign up for when you first forge a relationship with an ice distributor.

Reach out to a wholesale ice supplier to find out more.