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Things to Consider When Buying Equipment for Your Small Family Farm

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Small estate farms or farms started by families on small pieces of land can often have enough acreage to need farming equipment to handle the work. Getting the right equipment is sometimes challenging, but working with a local farming equipment dealer can help.

Determining Your Equipment Needs

Many small farms still require a tractor to work efficiently throughout different parts of the year. Many tasks like tilling and planting are done with machines, and having the right farming equipment means having a tractor that can pull those tools.

A visit to your local farming equipment dealer is an excellent place to start looking at tractors and equipment that you may need for your farm. Often, the dealer will have used equipment for sale, which can help make purchasing a machine easier and can help with service if you run into any issues with the equipment you are buying.

The brand you are buying is often less important than the size and the power of the tractor, but make sure that the implements you already own or are considering will attach and work on the tractor you are considering. If you have not purchased any additional equipment, you can choose items from the same manufacturer or designed to work with your tractor when you are ready.

Other Equipment

While your tractor is often the most used piece of farming equipment on your farm, purchasing other machines to work with the tractor is also vital. The same farming equipment dealer you purchased your tractor from can often help when looking for equipment.

The kinds of crops you are planting will impact the equipment you are purchasing, so before you can buy a planter or some tillage equipment, you should look carefully at what you want to grow and if you can sustain it in your area. Some crops will do better in specific areas of the country, and if you look at what other farms are planting and the demand for that crop in the area, you can choose things that will make your farm more successful. 

Service And Repairs

Many times the service and repairs that you may need for the farming equipment you are using can be managed on the farm. However, the dealer often offers service and repairs at the dealership, or some can send a technician to the farm to make the repairs there.

Things like oil changes, filter service, and general maintenance are easy enough to do when you have downtime, but if the tractor breaks down in the field and is not something you are comfortable fixing, having a tech come to you is often the best option. Choosing a dealer that can provide the farming equipment you need and the support after the sale is essential for a farm of any size.   

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