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Military Truck Parts To Help You With Your Restoration Projects

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Military trucks have a long and incredible history, which is why enthusiasts and collectors all scramble to get ahold of any piece of military truck they can. From personnel vehicles to large cargo trucks, collectors are restoring these military machines like never before. Therefore, you might need to find the right parts to complete your restorations and own a piece of history.

Types of Military Trucks and Vehicles

The military trucks or vehicles range from armored personnel carriers (APCs) to tanks. APCs are used in a wide array of ways, such as to transport troops, artillery, and supplies. APCs are sometimes modified to carry troops and equipment. Armored personnel carriers can also be used to transport armored vehicles, such as tanks. Some APCs are operated by the Army and others by the Navy.

Military trucks or vehicles are also used for a variety of other purposes. These include personnel transportation, medical evacuations, and cargo transportation. Military truck owners should also know about the various military truck series. These are basically based on the vehicles of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War and include other trucks like APCs, pickup trucks, and Jeeps.

Types of Military Truck Parts

One thing military truck owners should know is that their trucks are more complex than civilian vehicles. While civilian trucks tend to have the same parts from year to year, military trucks are engineered for combat and are designed to have parts that wear out faster.

Most civilian trucks have a transmission and the differential both on the same axle, but military trucks have the differential on the axle with the transmission. Also, military trucks have a lot more electrical and hydraulic components than civilian trucks, and these parts often wear out faster.

The parts that wear out fastest of any are the suspension parts. The military makes extensive use of leaf springs, and these wear very quickly. If you do have a vehicle that has been privately owned, it is likely to have been sitting. This means that repairs and maintenance have been neglected, and when you do drive it, you are more likely to have problems with it breaking down and will need parts to repair these issues.

Finding Military Truck Parts for Repairs

Many military truck parts can be hard to find. After all, many military truck parts were manufactured in high volume and production ended years ago. Parts for vintage military trucks are often even harder to find. This is especially true for engines and transmissions. However, there are some places to find vintage military truck parts.

Start by making a list of the truck parts you need to complete the restorations. You can probably find basic things like fenders, bumpers, and suspension parts at the local truck parts store. However, if you need a transmission or an engine, it is going to be much more difficult to find.

Your best choice is to contact a specialty military truck parts dealer. Many of these companies specialize in military truck parts. Often they stock parts for vintage military trucks and may be able to have parts shipped in quickly.

Military trucks are similar to other cars, but there are particular things that set them apart. If you want to own or restore a military vehicle, then you might have to contact a military truck parts supplier, like Equipment Parts Sales, to get what you need to complete your restoration project.