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3 Professions That Can Benefit From A Liquid Nitrogen Blast Freezer

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There are freezers that can keep things cold, and then there are liquid nitrogen freezers. A liquid nitrogen blast freezer is capable of going down to below negative 150 degrees Celsius. In other words, this is colder than the human brain is capable of comprehending. But why would you need to invest in this type of freezer? As it turns out, liquid nitrogen freezers can prove to be quite useful in a variety of fields. Here are three specific professionals or areas of expertise that might benefit from having access to a liquid nitrogen blast freezer.

Animal Breeders

If you work in a profession that focuses on the preservation of endangered species, a liquid nitrogen freezer can help preserve various species for the next generation to study. Remember in the movie Jurassic Park how dinosaur DNA was preserved in amber? Well, you're basically doing the same thing, but with a freezer. When a living cell gets quickly frozen by a nitrogen blast freezer, the cells actually just go to sleep instead of dying. This means it might be possible to revive the cells for future study or even breeding at some point later on.

Environmental Preservationists

The item you are freezing do not have to be DNA from an animal. The same concept works for a variety of other things, including various plants. Cryogenic preservation can help you secure a reef from the ocean or a rare plant that only grows under certain conditions. You can keep these things frozen solid until more suitable conditions are found for them to be unfrozen and re-planted into the wild.

Human Reproduction Specialists

Perhaps one of the most common uses of a liquid nitrogen freezer is to help preserve human life. A fertility expert who extracts eggs from a woman may need somewhere to store them for the future. Generally speaking, the colder you can store the eggs, the better, and liquid nitrogen freezers are capable of getting colder than just about anything else on the market today.

Are you in the market for a liquid nitrogen blast freezer? These freezers are capable of storing their contents at a temperature that is so cold that the literal building blocks of life will be stopped in their tracks. This is perfect for anyone getting into environmental research or for someone who is interested in helping preserve endangered species. Contact a provider of liquid nitrogen freezers today for more information.