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Uses For Aluminum And Where To Get It For Your Project

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Like many metals available today, aluminum comes in many different grades and qualities that you can source for your project. Aluminum has some consistent properties that make it a good material for a lot of different projects. And because it is readily available, running short is not typically a problem.

What is Aluminum?

Aluminum is a naturally occurring element that is the earth's most abundant metal. It is not pure in its natural form but can often be found in combination with bauxite. The material is very light but very stiff and resistant to bending or breaking. It melts at 660.37 °C  or 933.52 °K (Kelvin) and has a boiling point of 2467.0 °C or 2740.15 °K. While it is abundant in the earth, it has to be mined and extracted from the ore. The weight and density of the material make it a good material to mix into other metals and make alloys from.

Aluminum In Everyday Products

Aluminum is used in so many things that you may not even notice it. It is highly conductive, so it can be used to make wire, the weight makes it perfect for car and truck parts, and the rigidity and resistance to corrosion make it a good fit for things like boat trailers. But it doesn't end there. Aluminum can be annealed multiple times and pressed into foil that is strong and thin. Aluminum foil is very popular because of the many ways it can be used. There are aluminize tapes, aluminum car wheels, aluminum pots, and pans, and there is even aluminum in most of the foods we eat and in the water we drink. It is a part of our everyday world, and most people will never even notice that it is there. 

Aluminum Stock

If you have a project that you want to use aluminum for, visit your local metal supplier to get an idea what they have available for you to use. Often, they will carry bar stock, some plate, and a selection of different size materials. The price may fluctuate from time to time as most metals do but it should not be a large increase in most cases, although bar stock and plate are probably not going to have the same price because of the amount of material each is made from. It can be welded with a MIG or tig welder and cut with a metal cutting saw, like a power hacksaw.

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