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Materials Used To Make Casing Protectors And What These Materials Do For The Protecters

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In the world of industrial drilling and pipe rigging, there is a definitive need to protect pipes, tools, and anything else that has threads or screws together. That is where casing protectors come in. Each casing protector is made of one of a few protective materials. Each material does something a little different for the casing protector. 


HNBR stands for "hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber," which is clearly more than a mouthful and why it is shortened to HNBR. It is the go-to rubber for gaskets, seals, casings, and just about any other component or tool covering needed in any drilling industry. It is very tough, very durable, and has the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures. In instances where fire breaks out, anything made of HNBR will survive the blaze.


HDPE is the acronym for "high density polyethylene." Polyethylene is what most recyclable plastic grocery bags are made of, except in the case of casings, the layers of the substance are much, much thicker. (Hence, the "high density" part of the acronym/label.) This type of plastic has a lot more give to it, despite its high density. As a plastic casing, it can take a beating and bounce right back, retaining its shape in areas and under circumstances where other casing materials would not survive. 

Steel Enforced Rubber

When you do not want your casings to be accidentally cut, severed, or damaged to the point that the pipes leak all over the place, you use steel reinforced rubber casings. You can accidentally hack these, but the inner steel cores prevent the slicing implement from going all the way through. They are best used in places where a breach in the pipeline would produce critical losses. The casings prevent those losses.

Hardened Rubber and Plastic Combo Casings

Unifying rubber and plastic into a single casing provides the best of both worlds. The casings maintain the benefits of rubber and plastic into a single casing. Often, the threaded parts are plastic while the outer wrapping is rubber. These casings are ideal for downhole tools as the casings protect the tools from being bumped and banged up when in use.

Choosing Your Casings

Since casings come in all shapes, styles, sizes, materials, and even colors, you may need some help choosing your casings. Expert help is available from the customer service hotline, as well as from the manufacturers' websites.

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