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Need A New Grease Trap? Go With Plastic

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Introducing grease into your septic system could have disastrous consequences. The high concentration of fat and oil found in most cooking grease can overwhelm your septic system.

The bacteria responsible for breaking down waste within the septic system may not be able to keep up with the added demand of processing both biological waste and cooking grease. This could result in the release of improperly treated waste into the environment. 

Grease traps are used to help capture excess grease before it makes its way into your septic system. If you need a new grease trap, you should consider investing in a plastic model.

Plastic grease traps are slick.

Once excess grease is collected in your grease trap, you don't want the grease to adhere to the sides of the grease trap. This adhesion promotes the development of harmful bacteria that could travel back up your pipes and into your home or commercial property.

Plastic grease traps feature slick interior surfaces that make it impossible for grease to begin accumulating on the sides of the grease trap itself. The slick characteristics of plastic help eliminate harmful bacteria growth and protect you against potential illness.

Plastic grease traps are durable.

Because your grease trap plays such a vital role in protecting your septic system against serious damage, you want to install a grease trap that is built to last. Metal grease traps are prone to corrosion.

Grease traps made from concrete are porous and can become damaged by moisture infiltration over time. Plastic grease traps are made from durable polyurethane that will not corrode or break down when exposed to water. The durability of polyurethane makes plastic grease traps a great option for improving the performance of your septic system in the future.

Plastic grease traps are affordable.

Installing a new grease trap can be a costly endeavor. If you are looking to keep the cost of replacing an old grease trap as low as possible, then investing in a plastic grease trap can be beneficial. 

Polyurethane is an affordable and readily-available material that can be formed into a variety of shapes. This means that plastic grease traps can be manufactured easily, helping to keep the purchase price low.

You can also enjoy reduced maintenance costs by opting to install a plastic grease trap since these grease traps will require fewer repairs and can be a lot easier to clean than grease traps made from metal or concrete.

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