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Four Uses For Wire Rope Based On Diameter

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Wire rope comes in many widths, or diameters. This gives this type of product multiple uses, too. Some of these uses are surprising, and others are just creative. The following four uses of wire rope are based on diameter.

Quarter-Inch Diameter Wire Rope

This width of wire rope is useful for electrical projects, most notably for wiring electronics to other electronics. If you wanted to wire your entire home with a speaker system that can transfer music and sound from one room to the next, you would use the quarter-inch diameter rope. This wire rope is also the most flexible and easiest to bend, which makes it an excellent choice for crafts (e.g., jewelry-making, creating wire tools, etc.).

Three-Quarter Inch Diameter Wire Rope

Many a wholesale wire rope company offer so many sizes of wire rope that this particular size should be easy to find. You can use the three-quarter inch diameter wire rope to make jump ropes for kids and adults alike. Because it is wire rope, the wire resists breaking and/or splitting, even after hitting the ground repeatedly.

If you are going to make these jump ropes to sell, make sure you smooth and soften the ends of each piece of wire rope before inserting the ends firmly into hard plastic or wood handles. This will keep everyone from injury in the event that the wire rope loses a handle from frequent use. A solid wood handle that fully encases and locks the wire rope into the handle is highly recommended.

Inch-Thick Wire Rope

Inch-thick wire rope is perfect for fences. It is even better if you purchase the wire rope that can conduct electricity, as you can create and power electrical fences for containing livestock. Wrap the rope around the ceramic spools on your electric fence, cut the wire off its spool, and plug or insert the free ends of your wire rope into the power box for the electric fence. (Make sure the power is off first!) Now your electric fence is good to go.

Two-Inch or Three-Inch Diameter Wire Rope

This stuff is usually used to provide tension to poured concrete. When the concrete is stressed by a grid of wire rope pulled tight, the concrete is less likely to fracture. Additional uses of wire rope with these diameters are mostly for construction, but you can use it for other things if you find that traditional materials for your projects fail you.

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