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Three Reasons Why You See Stainless Steel Bollards Everywhere Now

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Stainless steel bollards are those funny, cylindrical pillars with rounded tops you see almost everywhere now. At one time, you would only see them in front of stores on corners, or on the docks. Now, they seem to be everywhere, even at the drive-thru at your favorite fast food restaurant. It makes you stop and think, and want to know why bollards are everywhere. It is not as though they are a decorative fashion statement, to be sure. Here are some reasons why so that you can understand the sudden influx of these protective barriers.

People Cannot Drive

It is absolutely true. People cannot drive. Teenagers and senior citizens, because of age, vision and/or experience, drive the worst of all, and that is fact. Everyone in a car is bound to hit something at least once in their lives, proving that people just should not drive. For that reason, bollards now protect drive-up windows and drive-up menus, gas station pumps, store fronts everywhere, and even round-abouts.


With all of the reports of kamikaze-like terrorist acts, it is no wonder that bollards have become the mainstay along sidewalks as well. A stainless steel bollard can stop a delivery truck going faster than the city limits with ease. The truck will either wrap itself around the bollard, or the bollard will cause the truck to flip. Though most terrorists prefer obvious cities and targets, it does not seem to stop smaller cities and suburban communities from installing bollards all the same.

It Is Cheaper to Install a Bollard Than Repair a Wall or Storefront

Installing a stainless steel bollard only takes some drilling and a little concrete. In about two hours, you have a bollard that will stop whatever hits it. That costs less than replacing picture windows, a side of bricks, and/or a complete wall and everything behind that wall. Bollards save lives too, since any vehicle plowing into or through a building will hit any and all people in the way. 

Want Your Own Bollards?

If you want some of your own bollards, you can buy them just as easily as you order a ton of gravel for your driveway. There are a couple of thicknesses and heights. You can have them painted too, if you do not care for brushed nickel finish or chrome plating. You will need to hire a concrete contractor to install them, of course.