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Warning Signs That You Need A Boiler Rental

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When an industrial boiler goes out unexpectedly or if you have a sense that there is something wrong with your boiler, you should consider having it replaced. However, if you are not able to replace your boiler right away, you may decide to rent a trailer mounted boiler.

Your Boiler Is Old

One sign of your boiler needing to be replaced is its age. If your company owns a cast iron boiler, it can last as long as 50 years. For this reason, you will have plenty of time to prepare to have your boiler replaced. However, you may begin to notice warning signs that may lead you choosing to rent a boiler until you have the capital to purchase a new one.

You Have Yellow Flames

You may notice yellow flames in your gas burners. The oil burners may also have black soot, which is a sign that they are not burning correctly. These problems will cause your boiler to burn carbon monoxide, which can be harmful to your facility. The best way to keep your employees safe is to install a carbon monoxide detector.

Your Boiler Has Defects

Check all shutoff valves to make sure that they are functioning properly. Look for any signs of leakage. These problems will not only interfere with the operation of your boiler, but are also a warning sign that it might shut down.

It Takes Time to Heat Up

Your boiler should not take long to heat up. In this situation, you will usually either need to have your boiler repaired or replaced. If you cannot afford boiler downtime, now is a great time to rent a boiler. 

It's Rusty

You may notice that your boiler is rusting. You should remove as much rust as you can, but if you notice that the rust is so severe that your boiler is leaking, you may want to consider having it replaced. Otherwise, oxygen and minerals will simply destroy it. 

Cleanliness is the health of your boiler. When your feed system, burners or various other components are dirty, not only will you want to clean them, but they could be a sign that something is wrong with your boiler and that you will need to replace it. 

Even if your boiler is not very old, you may find that you need to spend a fortune on repairs or you may find that maintenance is very expensive. You could replace your boiler, but if you do not use it all the time, you may also simply rent when needed. Contact a boiler rental company for help.