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Clean Up The Property That Your Automotive Shop Is Located On

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If you inherited an automotive shop from your recently-deceased father and one of the first things that you noticed about the establishment is that litter is peppering the ground and a bunch of old equipment is laying behind the back of the building, take the time to clean up the property prior to opening the business in your name. The tips below will help you tidy up the property so that the shop has a pleasant appearance when customers stop by to have their vehicles serviced. 

Hire A Crew To Assist With Throwing Away Garbage

If you are going to be hiring mechanics to assist with running the shop, interview several potential candidates a couple weeks before opening the business. After hiring a crew, request that they assist with cleaning up the property that the shop is located on. Provide brooms and dustpans for employees who will be collecting trash from pavement and give rakes and shovels to workers who will be cleaning up grass-covered surfaces.

Contact a dumpster rental business to make plans to have a dumpster transported to the shop's property. Request that the dumpster is placed near the back of the shop and fill the container with the old equipment that is next to the building. 

Pressure Wash The Parking Lot

Purchase a pressure washer and use the machine to clean the parking lot. If oily stains are on the pavement, spray them with a degreasing product prior to using the pressure washer. After rinsing the parking lot's surface with water, wait for the pavement to dry before adding potted flowers and a small carpet along the front of the shop. Hang a large, colorful sign along the front of the shop that announce the date that you will be opening the business under your name so that people in the community will be informed about the shop's change in ownership. 

Set Up A Waiting Area 

If you are going to provide patrons with an area to sit while they are waiting for their vehicles to be inspected or repaired, purchase some folding chairs and a couple small tables. Place the furnishings in one corner of the front of your building. Set a couple small trash cans near the furnishings to provide ample space for clients to toss trash if they have decided to drink beverages or eat snacks while they are waiting. At the ends of each work day, instruct one of your employees to bag up trash and toss the bags into the dumpster that you have rented. 

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