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Four Must-Haves For Every Man's Garage

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If you are a guy who loves to tool around in the garage and you want to make the most of using your garage, there are certain things every man should have. Whether you use your garage for working on your vehicle or storing important equipment, here are four must-haves for every man's garage.

Tool Box

If you are a true garage enthusiast who spends a lot of time out there, chances are you have lots of tools. You probably also have plenty of nuts, bolts, screws, nails, and other smaller parts that can easily become disorganized. In order to keep everything in order so that you can find what you need in a hurry, a good-old-fashioned tool box is a great way to store and organize your tools and smaller parts.

Air Compressor

If you notice the pressure on your car tire is low, having an air compressor in your garage provides a quick fix. Not only is an air compressor good for the tires on your car, but it can also be used on bicycle tires, air mattresses, beach balls, and inflatable rafts. There are also some pretty fun ways to use an air compressor, including making snow, airbrush painting, and using it as a paintball gun.

Heavy-Duty Storage Bins

Chances are you use your garage for storage, and if there are important items in it (such as holiday decorations, books, or sporting equipment) that you don't want to get damaged, storing them in heavy-duty storage bins is your best bet. The best kinds of storage bins contain the following features:

  • Heavy-duty sidewalls
  • Reinforced lids
  • Water resistance
  • Clasps that lock the lid securely in place

If space is an issue, there are also stackable storage bins in which less space is taken up. Some heavy-duty storage bins also come with steel casters to make them easier to transport.


If you are a guy who likes to be entertained while you're spending time in your garage, having a television is certainly a must-have. Not only will having a television in the garage keep you from missing the big game while you're changing the oil; it can also keep you apprised of impending storms or other news items you don't want to miss. Of course you'll want to ensure the TV in your garage can withstand changes in the temperature, and it probably shouldn't be left out there when the temperature reaches below freezing.

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