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Industrial Spray Washer Springing A Regular Leak? Why The Hose Fittings Might Be The Problem

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All industrial spray washers have long hoses behind or under them connecting them to a water source. Over the tops of the ends of these hoses are hose fittings. The hose fittings are usually adjustable metal bands that clench the hoses tightly around the spigot or pipe that delivers the water in and the wastewater out of washers. When a washer starts leaking massive amounts of water everywhere, the very first thing you should suspect is the hose fittings on either end of the hose. Here is why.

The Metal Fittings Cut into the Hoses

It is important to make sure these adjustable metal fittings are tight. Yet, it is equally important, once water begins to flow through the hoses, that the fittings are not so tight that they cut into the hoses. If you can, run the spray washer after you have initially replaced a hose fitting. If the hose fitting is too tight, you will notice a slight bulge behind the hose fitting.

While the washer continues to run, loose the fitting a little and adjust it so it is still tight but the bulge behind it vanishes. You should be able to see a cut line in the hose when you pull the washer out or open it up to check the hoses. It will be quite obvious that the previous installment of the hose fitting was too tight. It should have been loosened at the time it was installed.

The Metal Fittings Are a Tad Too Loose

Conversely, metal adjustable hose fittings that are too loose will eventually become loose enough that there will be water everywhere. The fitting may still work, but it will need a repair technician to adjust it properly. It is not advisable that you do this repair on your own, since you do not want to make the fitting too tight by accident.

Completely the Wrong Fitting

Installation contractors are human; they will make mistakes. In your case, your original contractor may have used entirely the wrong fitting because he or she did not have the correct fitting on the truck and assumed that he/she could patch something to work in its place. While that may work once in a while, it clearly did not work out here when you have so much water leaking from the spray washer. The next repair technician should be able to remedy that for you by ordering and using the correct fitting.