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Want To Paint Your Tall Ceilings And Walls? What You Need First

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If you have purchased a home that has vaulted ceilings throughout the house, and you don't want to pay a professional painter to do the painting work inside, there are some ways you can get the painting done on your own. You just need to have the correct tools to help make the process easier, and so you can do the best job. Here are some of the items you want to purchase or lease so you can get the project started.


One of the easiest ways to get to the highest spaces that you have throughout the house is with scaffolding. If you don't think you want to stand on an angled ladder or a ladder in the middle of the room, and instead want more room to move around and work, scaffolding is the best option. Find scaffolding rental and get the amount you need to get into the corners and around the high spaces so you can get neat lines and to paint easily and evenly.

Paint Sprayer  

A paint sprayer can benefit you in many ways when you are doing a large area, and when you are doing a high area. The sprayer will provide the following:

  • Faster paint application
  • Even application of color
  • Smooth paint finish

You aren't going to have brush lines when you use the sprayer over the surface, and it's very easy for people to use. This machine can be rented as well.

Paint Thinner

You never know when you will accidentally spill a little paint, get paint on trim, or have a mishap. Make sure that you are prepared with paint thinner, and rags to wipe off the paint from the areas where you didn't want to have it applied. This is important because it's easier to remove paint while it's still wet, than after it has dried or been absorbed.

If you are looking to paint a large tall areas in your home, and you want to do the painting yourself you don't want to pay a painter for the labor, get some high quality paint and do the work on your own. If you get a high quality paint that acts as a primer and that is resistant to staining and scuffs, you can be sure that the paint job you did will last. Get the materials you need and get started. 

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