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Understanding Blade Mixers For Adhesives

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Mixing adhesives can be tricky. In order to achieve certain properties, various ingredients must be mixed in order to create the right type of adhesives. Mixing is the process by which ingredients that would otherwise be separate are combined into a single form as a result of an external force. You will need the right type of blade mixer depending on the type of adhesives you are mixing.Here is a little more information about sigma blade mixers for adhesives. 

Understanding Blade Mixers

Blade mixers are an essential product when mixing adhesives. The mixers overturn the product, split it and force it down the central ridge of the mixing bowl. During this process, the product is sheared between the blade and the bowl. Two blades rotate, with one blade rotating more quickly than the other. This improves the ability of the blades to mix. This is referred to as the tangential blade design. The other blade design involves a pair of blades that are rotating at the same speed. The overlapping blades are most often used for lighter mixing applications, while the tangential blade design is more widespread overall.

Understanding Shear

There are several factors that you will want to consider when determining exactly what type of mixing system you will be using. One of those is shear. If the mixing method results in shear, this can increase the temperature generated by the process. This can be helpful with deagglomeration. However, it is not helpful if you are trying to sustain a particle size when mixing. Shear is produced simply by the blade passing through the adhesive. The amount of shear produced is the result of the viscosity of the product, the blade width, blade speed, blade design and the distance between the blade and the wall. 

The Role Of Temperature

Know what temperatures the adhesive must be kept at, if any at all. If there is a concern that a high temperature can jeopardize the integrity of the adhesive, it is important that a coolant system be put in place. You will need a computer-controlled device that will monitor the temperature of the adhesive and will use a heat exchange to regulate it.

The Economics Of The System

Consider how much you will be able to invest in a system. The most efficient systems are often not the most economical, so if a more efficient system may cause your adhesive mixing process to become too expensive, it may be necessary to use a less efficient system. However, there is an optimal system for mixing adhesives and once you find it, you will be able to produce adhesives with the right properties and at the right price.