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Tips And Advice On Pallet Racking In Your Warehouse

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When you own a warehouse in which a lot of business is conducted, organization is crucial. A messy warehouse is both inefficient and dangerous. To avoid this from being a reality where you work, consider adopting the use of pallet racks. Pallet racking has a lot of benefits that will be helpful in your warehouse. Consider these benefits below, in addition to some other information on using this system to your advantage. 

#1: Design your pallet racking system to the best of your ability

Your first step in adopting a pallet racking system is to figure out exactly what you want. Start by taking inventory of the items that are typically arranged in your warehouse and figure out which system will be most conducive to your workflow. Don't forget to take account of sizes and weights for the type of pallets that you regularly maneuver. In addition to these variables, make sure you understand just how beneficial a pallet racking system can be for your workflow. Some great advantages you should consider include the amount of free space you will have to maneuver, the increased safety of everyone in your warehouse and the cost-effectiveness of an upgraded and more efficient workflow.

#2: Follow some organizational and maintenance strategies

Once you are ready to begin using pallet racking, make a decision to use only the highest quality racks and pallets that you can find. Make your infrastructure as uniform as possible to avoid jamming or unevenness in your stacks. Additionally, implement a pallet review policy and program, in order to make repairs to pallets and phase out old ones that may become dangerous. Make sure all of your workers are trained and that they wear all safety gear — to include hardhats, goggles, gloves and thick soled shoes.

#3: Invest in high quality equipment

The key to proper pallet racking is to have the equipment that you need to get the most work done. Start by investing in some great pallet jacks that can get you from point A to point B in your warehouse in no time. There are a lot of different types of pallet jacks – such as manual standard, electric standard and electric narrow. Shop for pallet jacks that can hold the right weight capacity and that are the easiest to maneuver. Keep the pallet jack batteries charged and wheel joints lubricated.

When you use these three tips, your warehouse will be safer and more efficient.